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A Year at Tiffany Farms

By Judy Friday
Softcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Moore Wallace Andrews-Connecticut (2003)
ISBN-13: Not Available
Product Size: 12 x .5 x 9 inches

In this book, A Year at Tiffany Farms, the aim is to show what goes on at a small New England dairy farm, season by season, in order to turn out milk. The photographs show not only the incredible amount of work involved but also the beauty of the landscape and a way of life that is disappearing as more and more farms are being forced to sell their land. If nothing else, this book is a visual and oral record of one farm that has been in one family for six generations and hopes to continue to operate in the same way for years to come. It was the intention of the author and photographer, Judy Friday, to capture as much as she could about the farm, animals and people, both on and off the farm, who together work at what they do to keep us in milk. The purpose in doing the book was to preserve for years to come and share with others her observations over the course of the year 2003.

Judy Friday is an artist whose love of animals comes through in her paintings and sculpture of cows and the many dogs and cats in her household. In addition to painting animals, she also enjoys painting flowers and the landscape around Lyme, Connecticut, where she lives with her husband. This is her first book.