• Please note: The Krieble Gallery is currently closed while we install our next exhibition, opening September 30. The historic house, grounds, and special exhibitions in the Marshfield House are open and Admission is reduced to $6. Café Flo will be closed Sept 23–29, reopening Sept 30.


Meeting Logistics

Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us this evening. I’m Mel Díaz – Executive Assistant to the Director. I wanted to inform you of a few logistics before we start our meeting:

  • Everyone has their cameras off, except for our presenters who will soon be on
  • If you have any questions, please use the “Questions” box located on your screen
  • This meeting is being recorded so that it can be posted on our website afterwardsMany thanks for your patience during our virtual Annual Meeting. And now, our Board of Trustees President, Deborah Moore.

Annual Meeting 2021

Read or Download 2020 Annual Report

Read or Download 2020 Annual Report