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Fruition Seeds Organic Seed for the Northeast

Fruition Seeds cultivates over 300 varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers to surround you with beauty and abundance. Outstanding flavor drives their passion for seed saving. They also select their varieties for early maturity, productivity and disease resistance here in the short seasons of the Northeast so you and your garden will thrive in every season. Their non-GMO seeds may be saved, as heirlooms, for all generations to come. They constantly collaborate with farmers, chefs, universities and food banks to build a robust regional food system from the ground up, together.

Since there are 60 different varieties to choose from, please add the total quantity of seed packs you are looking to purchase in your cart and then clearly note in the NOTES field of the shopping cart, the varieties you are looking to purchase and the quantity of each.

For example:
An order of 4 packs.
1 pack Rainbow Swiss Chard, 3 packs National Pickling Cucumber

PLEASE NOTE: Our on-line shop is not directly linked to our shop inventory. Items have the possibility to sell out before we can update the site remotely. Orders will be filled in the order they are received and we will communicate with you should an item be sold out.

Varieties to choose from:

Organic Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

Organic Ten Fingers of Naples Tomato

Organic Touchstone Gold Beet

Organic Seiger Tomato

Organic Silver Slicer

Organic Success PM Yellow Summer Squash

Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon

Organic Supermarconi Pole Romano Bean

Organic Rose de Berne Tomato

Organic Rossa di Milano Onion

Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard

Organic Ping Tung Long Eggplant

Organic Petit Gris de Rennes Cantaloupe

Organic Optima Lettuce

Organic National Pickling Cucumber

Organic Mountaineer Sweet Pepper

Organic Northern Hardy Valencia Peanut

Organic New Red Fire Lettuce

Organic Honey Drop Tomato

Organic Glass Gem Corn

Organic Double Standard Sweet Corn

Organic Dulcinea Carrot

Organic Black Beauty Eggplant

Organic Chinese Five-Color Hot Pepper

Organic Cocozelle Zucchini

Organic Gold Medal Tomato

Organic Honeynut Winter Squash

Organic Borage

Organic Burgundy Beauties Bachelor Button

Organic Cornucopia Strawflower Mix

Organic Diablo Cosmos

Organic Drama Queen Poppy

Organic Evening Colors Sunflower

Organic Insectary Mix

Organic Lemon Queen Sunflower

Organic Mexican Sunflower

Organic Nasturtium

Organic New York Early Onion

Organic Phacelia (Bee’s Friend)

Organic Red Flame Celosia

Organic Sallie’s Double Pink Poppy

Organic Scarlet Peony Poppy

Organic Sweet Annie

Organic White Larkspur

Organic Ziar’s Breadseed Poppy

Organic Zeolights Calendula

Organic Bouquet Dill

Organic Catnip

Organic Chives

Organic Echinacea

Organic Evergreen Hardy Bunching Onion

Organic Genovese Basil

Organic Giant of Italy Flat-leaf Parsley

Organic Greek Oregano

Organic Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale

Organic Laxton’s Progress #9 Dwarf Shelling Pea

Organic Lemon Balm

Organic Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

Organic Piracicaba Broccoli

Organic Sun Ball Craspedia