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Miss Florence and the Artists of Old Lyme

Arthur Heming

Not only does this story sparkle with the fun and informative anecdotes about daily life in a boardinghouse for artists, it captures the spirit of a bygone era in American art history. As Museum Director Jeffrey Andersen explains, “Miss Florence and the Artists of Old Lyme draws upon Heming’s experience of living in the ‘Holy House,’ as the artists’ boardinghouse was affectionately referred to, during the first decade of the twentieth century. This was a time when the colony was at its height, attracting such leading painters as Henry Ward Ranger, Childe Hassam, and Willard Metcalf, and public figures like Woodrow Wilson.” This edition also features an entire selection of full-color pages depicting the famed painted doors and wall panels in the Griswold House. Beautifully designed as a hardcover book with illustrations by The New Yorker cartoonist James Stevenson, Miss Florence and the Artists of Old Lyme will be a welcome addition to any home library and makes a great gift for the art or history lover in your life.