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The Work of Thomas W. Nason

The Work of Thomas W. Nason
By Francis Adams Comstock and William Dolan Fletcher

Hardcover: 280 pages
Publisher: The Boston Public Library (1977)
ISBN: 0-89073-012-1
Product Size: 1 x 10.5 x 14.25 inches

Recording the intense personal vision of an artist who worked in miniature in the mediums of wood engraving and line engraving on copper, The Work of Thomas W. Nason considers Nason’s life, philosophy and skills, and examines the pictures, which he made during more than forty years as a practicing artist.


In Boston in the Nineteen Twenties, Nason found his calling, and his art reached maturity and a time of great productivity in the Thirties.  There are many dimensions to his work, including a wide range of commissions in the realm of the art of the book.  His prints express the essence of New England landscape and village, yet they are not confined by locality; they belong in a great tradition of poetic expression of landscape in prints.

The artist’s voice can be heard frequently throughout this book, for there are excerpts from conversations and letters as well as two brief essays by Nason, one of them printed for the first time.  Even more, his voice can be heard in the pictorial language of his art, seen through almost 800 illustrations.  Study carried out over a decade made it possible to describe and reproduce every one of Nason’s wood engravings and copper engravings.

Limited to an edition of only 1,000 copies.

* Please note all dust jackets have tears and shelf wear.

** Limited edition copies available. Special issue of 140, with binding of gold-stamped natural linen over boards, and contains an original chiaroscuro wood engraving by Thomas Nason.  Please contact for more details or to order a copy. $160.00 each