What did the kitchen sound like?

The kitchen was a noisy, lively place. In a tavern as big as this one, there would have been a cook who was in charge, and several other people working for her. The cook might be the tavern keeper’s wife, and she may have her young children in the kitchen too. There would be lots of talking: the cook giving orders, the servants gossiping and complaining, the children laughing and fighting. The fire would be crackling, the pots clanking, and dishes rattling. People would continually be coming in and out with firewood or supplies. Dogs would be barking. There would be the sound of people using kitchen tools to chop vegetables and grind spices. It was a place of constant noise and activity from very early morning until the end of the day.

A Closer Look at the Painting

What are some of the smell that might drift into the kitchen from outside? Can you imagine some smells from the kitchen that visitors arriving at the tavern might notice?