November 16, 2024–February 9, 2025

Naqutiwowok/Continuance: Connecticut's Tribal Communities Create

  • Museum Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Café Flo hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm, Tues-Sun.

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People from Connecticut’s five recognized tribes are collaborating to curate an exhibition that will be on view at the FloGris Museum in conjunction with the exhibition Native Prospects: Indigeneity and Landscape, curated by Dr. Scott Manning Stevens.

The exhibition project emerged from the FloGris Museum’s interest elaborating upon Native Prospects with the perspectives and voices of Connecticut’s indigenous people. The collaboration has been led by people from the tribes, who have decided to curate the exhibition from work submitted by members of the five tribes to a jury composed of members from those same groups.

In their invitation for participation, which can be found here, the planners seek contributions to the exhibition that express thoughts about indigeneity and landscape from the viewpoint of this region’s people. The exhibition will take place during the fall and winter seasons, times of year that carry specific cultural and spiritual resonances. The organizers encourage prospective participants to consider and reflect in their submissions concepts such as gathering, resiliency, connecting, relating, walking (land), paddling (water), repairing, continuation, sustaining, warming, and changing.

Naqutiwowok/Continuance: Connecticut’s Tribal Communities Create will contain work representing an array of media as well as contributions from adults and youth, in keeping with the theme of continuity through time. The exhibition will be accompanied by public programs exploring storytelling, food, language, and the environment, among other topics.