Post Visit Activities

  • Museum Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Café Flo hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm, Tues-Sun.

Encourage the students to search the web for more information on the artist they adopted for their trip to the Museum.

Review the pre-trip Great Expectations! Chart to see how the students expectations relate to their actual experience.

Design an in-class museum display about the museum on a bulletin board by having students share their memories of the trip in words and pictures.

Encourage the use of new vocabulary words on the board. Let the students provide tours of the in-class museum to other classes.Using stiff cardboard or wood, have the students paint their own panels and install them in the classroom like the dining room in the Griswold House.

Fox Chase

Have the students create their own “Fox Chase” parody featuring members of the class as the participants. Encourage positive characteristics in identifying each others’ individuality, personality, and talents. Discuss how the class would look in its own version of The Fox Chase.

Use prompts such as: “What would we replace the image of the Griswold House with?” or “What things should we include to represent our class?”

More Activities for Fox Chase & the Painted Panels

Have students adopt an artist from The Fox Chase.
Have them share information by completing the sentence, “The Art Colony at Old Lyme would not have been the same without [insert name of artist, for example “Childe Hassam”] because he/she . . .”

Encourage them to use The Fox Chase website to get specific ideas and information about their artist.

Have students “adopt” one of the painted panels in the In Situ: The Painted Panels section.
Ask them to share their panel with the class after working with the Museum’s What? Why? Wow! worksheet.

Lyme Art Colony

Have the students write a diary entry using the voice of one of the artists. Ask them to describe a whole day from waking up to going to bed as part of the Lyme Art Colony.

More Activities for the Lyme Art Colony

Divide the students into small groups and have them design their own artist colony.
Encourage them to give it a name and imagine where it would be, where the artists would stay, what kind of things would they make, what art style would they choose, etc. Have the various art colonies create examples of their artwork and report out to the class.

Have students create short skits based on ideas that are in The Story of Miss Florence and The Lyme Art Colony.
Have them decide where in the boardinghouse their skit would take place.

Have students design a poster advertising the Lyme Art Colony.


Have students write a letter to Miss Florence using the voice of one of the artists. Ask them to imagine what they experienced during their stay at her boardinghouse.

More Writing Activities

Have students write letters to the Museum about their visit.
Letters should be addressed to the Education Department, Florence Griswold Museum, 96 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371 or send email to: mollie@flogris.org.

Have students record their experiences at the Museum in a creative journal project using words, pictures, drawings, etc.

Have students create a find-a-word puzzles using words and ideas that were learned during the field trip.