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Hello Friends!

A huge thank you to those of us who supported the Museum’s first-ever Garden Raffle! Unbelievably, we sold out in just three weeks!
Please watch Tuesday, June 30 at noon on Facebook Live to find out our lucky winners. You do not need a Facebook profile to join in.
An anonymous donor (he wishes to be known as “Professor Lily Bee of Fence Creek Flower Farm”), who specializes in hybridized day lilies offered a tray of day lilies to each person who supported the Garden Raffle!
Professor Lily Bee names each lily for someone special in his life. When each one opens, he takes a moment to remember someone who has passed on, inspired him, or still has an impact on his life today. He calls these “memory lilies.”
The Professor asked those who received his lilies to consider sharing the story of the person they chose to celebrate. Below are their stories.

My Lily Story

My Lily Story

My Lily Story

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