Share YOUR FloGris Moment


Visitors of all ages are invited to find (and photograph) their “own” Florence Griswold Museum. In the spirit of the upcoming exhibition, In Place: Contemporary Photographers Envision a Museum (October 1, 2016-January 29, 2017), we are asking our visitors to share their own distinct vision of the Museum.

Like the commissioned photographers, visitors can look inside and outside, find their quintessential Florence Griswold Museum moment, and capture it with a camera, smart phone, or tablet.

A selection of submissions will be shared digitally in the exhibition and on the Museum’s website.

We will take submissions through the end of the show, January 29, 2017.

You will not be notified that your photos are used, please check back. Photos will be uploaded monthly.

Your first name, last initial, and city and state will be listed on social media. Your full name will be listed on the Museum’s website.

How to Participate:

Send your very best images (limit two) to with “My FloGris Museum Moment” in the subject line. Images must be at least 5 x 7 inches at 300dpi and sent as .jpg attachments. Please do not embed images or send links to photo galleries. By sending these images to the Florence Griswold Museum you are giving the Museum permission to use your photos (uncredited) in marketing materials and publications.

Please include the following with submission:

1. your name

2. your city or town of residence

3. age if under 18

4. title of the image/s

5. one line description as to what the image means to you

Use #MyFloGris when tagging this project.

  • My FloGris Moment

  • To Catch a Falling Star by David D. J. Rau The late-afternoon light offered this amazing elongated shadow.
  • Half Past Five by David Rau Was thrilled to see that the Museum's sundial was so accurate.
  • Quite Places 1 by Tammi Flynn Find beauty in the basics.
  • Quite Places 2 by Tammi Flynn It's about the little things.
  • Florence Griswold Museum Barn & Garden by Maureen Solomon I love the FGM and the gardens always represent the special charm and beauty I find there.
  • Rose Garden Florence Griswold Museum by Maureen Solomon I love to imagine I am seeing what these delightful artists saw, and in doing this I share with them the joy of the gardens and lawn.
  • Music for a Wedding at the Beautiful FloGris by Barbara Shaw
  • A beautiful day at a beautiful place! by Barbara Shaw
  • "Miss Florence's Blossoms Filling Her Home" by Penny Parsons Hampton, NH