September 28—November 3, 2024

Mystical Murmurs: An Enchanted Environment by Adrien Broom

  • Museum Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm. Café Flo hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm, Tues-Sun.

In this immersive exhibition contemporary artist Adrien Broom (born 1980) invites audiences to experience the mysterious world of the forest and imagine themselves at faerie-scale. A photographer, set designer, and filmmaker, Broom invites visitors to enter a darkened gallery to encounter a magical installation inspired by the natural environment, faerie folklore, and legends. The artist activates the space with an oversized faerie ring—a circle of mushrooms that grows in the wild—and a cavernous tree that beckons visitors to enter. Drawing on medieval European folk beliefs and superstitions, faerie-friends are enticed to step inside the colossal mushroom ring, which triggers entrancing songs that infiltrate the circle and seduce guests to dance beyond time.

Newly commissioned examples of Broom’s mythical photography, shot in a forest in nearby Guilford, Connecticut, encircle the installation. The artist incorporates circles throughout the installation, exploring them thematically and physically as portals, rings, tunnels, and cycles of life. As she explains, “I aim to explore these enigmatic elements and their interconnectedness, inviting viewers’ imaginations to run wild and ponder the secrets hidden within the forest.” Born and raised in Old Lyme, Broom’s work frequently draws inspiration from childhood, fantasy, surrealism, and themes evoking wonder. Her unique, enchanting vision for the Krieble Gallery is the perfect complement to the Museum’s outdoor Wee Faerie Village celebration this fall.

In 2016, Broom was a participant in the Museum exhibition In Place: Contemporary Photographers Envision a Museum. For her commission, Broom chose to create enigmatic photographs in Florence Griswold’s historic boardinghouse that evoke the lingering presence of Miss Florence.

Image: Adrien Broom, Self Portrait, undated