A Few of Our Favorite Things

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Tell Us Your Favorite

  • My favorite painting is "Winter Evening" by Leon Dabo in the Hartford Steam Boiler Collection. When I first saw Winter Evening at an exhibition a few years ago at the Florence Griswold Museum I was immediatley struck by its unique presence in the exhibition room. This luminous painting, full of light and color effects, conveyed a peacefull atmosphere, serene mood, and poetic vision. It still haunts me to this day.


  • "Bathers at Griswold Beach" is my favorite painting because of the way William Chadwick captured the beauty of the ocean and the elegance of the time period as well as the grace of the ladies at the beach.


  • "My favorite is Red-Headed Woman" too. I agree with Shawn on the mysterious connection between the artist and the model. I find it to be very relaxing and pleasing to the eye. I am also partial to red-headed women because my sister has the same red hair and beautiful ivory skin.


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Former Membership Coordinator

Shawn Savage

Favorite: Ivan Olinsky (1878-1962) "Red-Headed Woman", c. 1918

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Former Fundraising Office Coordinator

Chris Kullstroem

Favorite: Arthur Heming (1870–1940) "Aurora Borealis," 1906

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Former Registrar

Nicole Wholean

Favorite: Elizabeth Enders (b. 1939), "Maine Series II," 1987

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Director of Education & Outreach

David Rau

Favorite: Lilian Westcott Hale (1880–1963) "Woman Resting," ca. 1942

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Former Museum Shop Manager

Lois Bordner

Favorite: Henry Rankin Poor, "Beagle Hound"

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Former Executive Assistant to the Director

Donna Carlson

Favorite: Star Block Quilt, Red and White Cotton, Late 19th Century

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Favorite Things

  • If you forgot the title feel free to describe it to us or tell us where it was on campus