Stitching It Together

Design Your Own Canvaswork Picture

Materials Needed: Graph paper, colored pencils

Using graph paper as your guide (note how the lines are similar to the linen fabric’s warp and weft) design a canvaswork picture of your very own. Using the Chandler example as your guide, change the elements to reflect your life. Be sure to include the elements below in your design.

People Doing Interesting Things:
Think about all the people in your life such as your family and close friends. What do you do when you all get together? Play games? Watch sports? Eat? Other options for people could be your sport buddies or classmates. Think about what they are doing, what cloths they are wearing, and what objects they should have.

The Architecture:
You might want to include a picture of where you live and your neighborhood. Options might include a picture of your school, church, movie theatre, or other recognizable building or place.

Natural Setting:
What does the landscape look like? Are you depicting a city scene or a country setting? The scenery might be your yard, the school yard, or athletic field. Will your trees have big leaves like the one in the example? Be specific and include as many little details as possible.

Like the inspiration piece, flowers are a great way to fill up empty spaces in your drawing with something pretty. You might also use things like birds and pets to give the picture a sense of life and warmth.

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