Stitching It Together

Design Your Own Coat of Arms

Materials Needed: Graph paper, colored pencils

Using graph paper as your guide (note how the lines are similar to the linen fabric’s warp and weft) design a Coat of Arms picture of your very own. Using the examples here as your guide, design a Coat of Arms for your family, your team, or your school. Be sure to include the following elements in your design.

A Central Shield
Design a cool-looking shield decorated with images based on your idea.

This could be an image of pets, or sports equipment, or flowers.

Ribbon (or Banner)
Include a fancy ribbon and be sure to include the name of the family or team and perhaps a supportive phrase.

Helm (or Helmet)
Design a helmet or hat that relates to your big idea and place it on top of the shield.

Other Decorative Elements
Be creative and fill up the blank space with garlands of flowers or sport symbols, or other objects that relate to the big idea.

View Coat of Arms examples

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