Stitching It Together

Putting Words in Their Mouths (Or Ideas in Their Heads)

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Materials Needed: Sticky Notes, or other paper and tape

While the Chandler needlework image is on the computer screen, brainstorm a variety of things that the characters might be saying to one another or to the viewer in secret.

Write out the dialogue for each of the characters. You might even have several sets of sayings to create a story that unfolds over time. Use a speech bubbles (look like balloons) to convey what the characters are saying; use thought bubbles (look like clouds) to convey what the characters are thinking. Stick the bubbles on the screen near each of the characters.

The Cast of Characters:

(consider giving your characters names and other stage directions)

Woman in Red Dress
Man in Beige Jacket
Woman in Blue Dress
Man in Grey Jacket
Servant Girl with Tray
Servant Boy with Basket
Reading Boy on Left
Reading Boy on Right
Bird in Flight
Perched Bird Facing Left
Perched Bird Facing Right
Small Spotted Dog


Woman in Red Dress (Katherine)
[sweetly] “Thank you for lugging this giant blue sofa out of the house so we can comfortably enjoy the garden.”

Man in Beige Coat (John)
[huffing and puffing] “No problem my pet. Anything for you!”

Story Ideas:
Try writing one as if it is the year 1758. What do you think these people living during the early Republic would be saying to each other. Remember not to reference modern things like cell phones, computer games, or television.

Hands-On, Minds-On Activities

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