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Carolyn Wakeman

Featured photo: William and Pauline Chadwick Christmas card. Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA, Florence Griswold Museum

When local artists exchanged holiday cards, they often sent original etchings or woodblock prints of the surrounding landscape, or lithographic reproductions of their paintings. Their images of trees, fields, dams, snowy woods, and frozen ponds glinting in the moonlight capture the special beauty of Old Lyme in winter while also conveying warm seasonal greetings. One year Winfield Scott Clime used his painting of a working ice house on the Tooker farm to deliver holiday wishes.



Platt Hubbard Christmas card, 1926. Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA



Winfield Scott Clime, Christmas card reproducing Winter Harvest. Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA



Everett, Katherine, and Stephen Warner Christmas card, Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA


Charles and Mary Ebert Christmas card, Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA



 George Bruestle Christmas and New Year’s card, Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA


Waldo Banning Christmas card, Jack Hoffman Papers, LHSA

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